Need A Financial Advisor

Do I really need a financial advisor?
What kind of financial advisor do I need?Some financial advisors only advise on investments, or taxes, while others also offer broad advice on financial planning concerns. Make sure the advisor offers the services that you need.
Should I work remotely with a financial advisor?You don’t need to be limited by your location. Learn what to expect here.
What are my rights as an investor?
Have other investors filed complaints against advisors I am considering?Check out your advisor’s credentials and securities registrations. Follow this process to check out a potential advisor.
How can I find an advisor who uses Best Practices for Fiduciaries?The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard offers a list of financial advisors who affirm (publicly and in regulatory filings) their compliance with The Institute’s Best Practices for Fiduciary Advisors.  You can find the Best Practices Advisors Registry here.
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