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Do I Need A Financial Advisor?
Learn what financial advisory services you need.

Does My Financial Advisor Put My Interests First?
Does my financial advisor help me with investments or financial planning decisions?

Have Other Investors Filed A Complaint Against My Advisor?
How can I find out if they have regulatory violations?

What Can I Expect If I Work With An Advisor Remotely?
What if I live in a different state from my advisor?

How Do I Feel About My Financial Advisor?
Assess how you are feeling about your advisor’s help.

How can I find an advisor who uses Best Practices for Fiduciaries?
The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard offers a list of financial advisors who affirm (publicly and in regulatory filings) their compliance with The Institute’s Best Practices for Fiduciary Advisors. You can find the Best Practices Advisors Registry here.

What Are My Rights As An Investor?
What you can expect from your advisor. Download a printable PDF version.

Calculate Your Investing Costs
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Tell Your Story
Other investors can benefit from learning about your experiences with a financial advisor, whether positive or negative.


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