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Tobias Financial Advisors

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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324

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Tobias Financial Advisors provides financial, tax, and investment expertise to develop and implement sound financial strategies on behalf of clients, in house or remotely.

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CFP® (Certified Financial Planner)

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Ben Tobias

Tobias Financial Advisors

From the Beginning

Our founder, Ben Tobias, began this firm with a vision, to provide compassionate and transparent financial expertise to clients. Employing his experience in international accounting and his own CPA firm, he earned a  CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificate, to bring comprehensive financial planning solutions to the individuals and families he served. Ben then built a team of advisors who were committed to the same client-first vision.

Early Advocate

Even before it was popularized, Tobias was an advocate of the fee-only fiduciary standard. Ben and the team that he brought aboard wanted to put their clients’ best interest first. Commissions have no place in this business. We believe that planning our clients’ futures is built on trust and that can only happen in a fee-only fiduciary model.

Breaking Down The Jargon

As fiduciaries, we at Tobias Financial Advisors are committed to providing unbiased financial advice and acting exclusively in the best interests of our clients. A fiduciary is a legal obligation and one we take seriously. That’s why our rates our fee-only. So commissions or production-based bonuses don’t get in the way of making the most honest, compassionate, and transparent decisions with and for our clients.