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Fieldstone Financial

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Fieldstone Financial will work with clients remotely. Fieldstone Financial offers comprehensive wealth management, investment management, and financial planning. There are digital platform (robo) services available.

Compensation methods accepted
Assets Under Management (AUM)
Fixed fee based on assets or financial circumstances.

Required education for senior advisors in the firm
CFP® (Certified Financial Planners)

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Kristopher Behn
Fieldstone Financial

When I started in this business more than twenty years ago, I did so to make an indelible positive mark on the industry. At the time, I swam against the current by offering objective financial advice under our trademarked Advice. Not Products® approach. Today, we continue our quest but have expanded our mission to building a grassroots effort to support purveyors of objective advice throughout the United States within the Fieldstone Financial Advisors Network.

Stark differences exist between brokers and fiduciaries. Look, everyone is simply doing their best to provide for their families in everything they do and, with the exception of a select few, people in our industry are good people. The fiduciary divide persists today due to a lack of proper training and understanding both at the advisor level and at the consumer level. The way things were done in the 80’s and 90’s no longer work today and I think consumers are beginning to see that this is the case. Consumers need leadership, not product sales. The conflict free fiduciary model is best positioned to provide the required leadership.

There is no question that the conflict free fiduciary model offers consumers a strategic advantage by placing objective information at their fingertips. Objective information from which more educated decisions can be made. And in the end, educating both the advisor community and the consumer will allow this country as a whole to come together in what clearly should be the standard of care in the financial services industry—the fiduciary standard.