Epsilon Financial Group, Inc

Epsilon Financial Group, Inc

Mark Sievers, President
2801 Waterman Blvd, Suite 250
Fairfield, CA 94534




Other Locations

1001 Second St. #285 Napa, CA 94558
613 First St. # 215 Brentwood, CA 94513


Epsilon Financial Group will work with clients remotely. Epsilon offers comprehensive wealth management, investment management, and financial planning. There are digital platform (robo) services available.

Compensation methods accepted
Assets Under Management (AUM)
Fixed fee based on assets or financial circumstances.

Required education for senior advisors in the firm
Advanced education in Finance or a related area
CFP® (Certified Financial Planners)
Specialty in divorce and/or mediation matters as well as fiduciary matters for trustees.

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Mark Sievers
Epsilon Financial Group

I started an RIA firm to provide useful objective services to clients. Our goal is, “to help clients make sound financial decisions”. This is not possible in the broker-dealer arena because the emphasis is on sales and revenues, usually commissions. In the broker-dealer arena, the level of training and understanding, whether academic degrees or professional credentials, is limited, often embarrassingly so. Clients need competent advisors just as they need competent medical doctors. An RIA firm provides the latitude so the advisor can actually do provide such services.

Every human interaction would benefit by both sides understanding the relationship and the conflicts of interest which influence decisions. Full disclosure is sure better than guessing and wondering.

The role of the broker is to develop and distribute financial products. The role of the fiduciary is to advise in the best interest of the client. An apt analogy is the difference between pharmaceutical companies and medical doctors. Drug companies make and sell drugs but cannot diagnose and give medical advice. Doctors have the training and the obligation to work in the best interest of their patients. Doctors cannot manufacture and sell the drugs which they may prescribe. The patient should use the doctor for medical advice and use the pharmaceuticals for the treatment.

Clients will have peace of mind and confidence in the decision if they believe that the advisor is concerned with the client’s pocketbook and not their own. A sound financial decision is based on information, competent analysis and objective recommendations. A fiduciary has the duty to act in the best interest of the client, a role which requires care, competence and objective recommendations.