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Investor Stories

My former advisor painted an unrealistically positive picture of an annuity he was recommending and worked really hard to prevent me from getting an unbiased opinion of the annuity.

He isn’t my advisor anymore. Thanks to a friend’s advice, I spoke to another professional about the annuity and chose not to invest with this guy. I feel like I really dodged a bullet.

Susan C., Chicago, IL

Many years ago I worked with a financial advisor that had my retirement assets under management (AUM). In a matter of a few years he decreased my net worth in half by placing me in mutual funds that charged 12-b1 fees, front end, back end load fees, unit investment fees, and IPOs.

In addition to these charges, he churned my accounts for additional fees. I asked him how he was getting compensated. He said, “Oh, the mutual fund companies are paying me.” I was too naive to investigate further.

Once I wised up, I moved all assets to one large no-load mutual fund company. Now I pay for financial advice on an hourly basis. I learned this painful mistake 17 years ago when my net worth was 10% of what it is today.

Moral of the story: NO ONE will care about your assets more than you. Educate yourself!!! Go to the library. There are a ton of good books on personal finance. Finally, hourly fee advisors will have the least conflict of interest.

Carl F., Denver. CO


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